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Get the Advent eABS™ anti-skid braking system for your King Air, PC-12, Eclipse 500 or T-6 Texan II.

Now, Advent Aircraft Systems' certified digital / GPS eABS brings full anti-skid capability to any aircraft with a manual braking system, in service or in development. Breakthrough technology from Advent offers anti-skid brake control never before available for the Beechcraft King Air, Pilatus PC-12, Eclipse 500/550 or Textron T-6 Texan II. No practical ABS technology existed for these aircraft when they were first designed and certified. Now it does.

Get the improved safety, stopping performance and directional control plus haptic feedback offered by this affordable, lightweight, easy-to-install anti-skid braking system. Avoid the many direct and indirect costs that can be causes by unexpected tire damage.

Check out all the details in these brochures: Eclipse 500 / 550, Beechcraft King Air B200 / B300 series, Pilatus PC-12 series and Textron T-6 Texan II / AT-6. And be sure to contact us about the King Air B300 Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement that offers up to 10% reduced TOFL when eABS is installed.

A detailed presentation, including installation information is available. Contact us for this presentation or see the Dealer page for the Advent authorized dealer nearest to you.

eABS Simplicity – Complete kits ready for installation

The Advent eABS comes ready to install. Each kit consists of:

  • left and right brake control modules,
  • left and right wheel speed transducers,
  • digital electronic control unit(s) and
  • a cockpit control and annunciator switch.

Each kit comes complete with all documentation, installation drawings, hardware and wiring required for installation.

The Advent eABS weighs only 27-29 pounds installed, depending upon aircraft model.

Complete Kit for Pilatus PC-12 Series

Complete Kit for the King Air B200 / B300 Series

Advent's eABS provides reliable, effective anti-skid braking control for any aircraft with manual (un-boosted) brakes weighing up to 20,000 lb. MTOW.

For new aircraft in development that do not require power brakes, Advent's eABS offers complete anti-skid braking control without the need to incorporate expensive and heavy power-boosted brakes to obtain ABS capability and works with any wheel and brake combination.

For retrofit to aircraft already equipped with manual brake systems, installing Advent's eABS does not require modification to the existing landing gear, wheels and brakes or master cylinders. Retrofit installation can normally be accomplished during scheduled maintenance inspections or when installing other upgrades, such as ADS-B.

Advent's eABS or derivative components are currently planned for other civilian and military aircraft for both new production and aftermarket applications, such as the Beechjet B400 / Nextant 400XTi series and the Northrop T-38. Contact us for more information on these or other certifications.

Complete Power Braking and Brake Control Systems from Advent Aircraft Systems

Advent employs its technology, systems integration expertise and know-how to design, manufacture, qualify and support:

  • new turn-key, design and build power brake systems or
  • upgrades to existing power brake and brake control systems and components

in response to customer requirements. Inquire about Advent's ePBS, a self-contained, brake-by-wire Electrohydraulic Power Braking System proposed for new aircraft in design and development. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

The Advent Advantage

System Performance - Better directional control and reduced stopping distance on runways contaminated with debris, water, ice and snow.

Tire Protection - Eliminates flat-spotted and blown tires during aggressive stopping on dry or contaminated runways.

Tactile Feedback - During eABS operation, the brake pedal pushes back, annunciating its operation, aiding the pilot in knowing the braking limits of the airplane.

Alternative to reverse thrust – Use of eABS eliminates risk of engine FOD and prop erosion in contaminated runway conditions.

Touchdown Protection – Wheel speed must spin up to at least 85% of aircraft speed before brakes will operate.

Low-Speed Cut-out – The system will not operate, in anti-skid mode, when aircraft speed is below 15 knots.

Customer Service and Warranty – Advent technical support is available on call or in the field. All eABS components and installation hardware are covered by a two-year warranty.

Advent's ABS system is highly effective. Braking in adverse conditions is smooth and provides excellent pilot feedback.

Joe Kendrick
West Star Turboprop and Light Jet Program Manager

This system has exceeded our expectations, from normal touchdown speeds to a complete stop in less than 750 feet with aggressive braking.

Cary Winter
Senior Vice-President Engineering, Eclipse Aerospace

The ease of installation and simplicity of Advent's ABS system is a fantastic feature for customers who want their aircraft back in the air quickly.

Dave Girard
West Star Turboprop/Light Jet Tech Sales Manager